Installation of residential & commercial electrical charging stations for electric or rechargeable vehicles

Are you now the proud owner of a brand new electric or plug-in car? Congratulation ! At Marchand Entrepreneur Électricien, we are ready to give you a hand for this great electrical leap by offering you a professional and safe installation of your future residential electrical charging station.

Electric car charging station
Electric car charger station
Electric car (EVs) battery being charged

Did you know that a residential electric charging station saves you time when charging your vehicle? Indeed, the 120V chargers supplied with most electric vehicles require a high number of charging hours. Thanks to the 240 V electrical terminals, it is possible to reduce your charging time by more than half provided that this terminal is installed by a master electrician. That's why Marchand has a team of master electricians to install it properly. In addition, it is possible to obtain financial assistance from the Government of Quebec for your expenses associated with the purchase of an electrical terminal such as its installation as long as it is entirely carried out by a certified master electrician.

Do you own a fleet of electric or plug-in vehicles as part of your company or have your employees also taken the big electric leap? Marchand Électrique is able to install one or more commercial electrical charging stations to benefit your employees and your business. They can also be equipped with an access card system. In addition, the Quebec government has implemented a Branché au travail program.

We have the expertise you need to recharge your vehicle at your residence, regardless of the brand of your vehicle. We also offer the service of excavation, installation of bolar, painting of betune as well as the concrete base or feet of estale.