Thermography “Infrared Thermography”

What is thermography?

Thermography or infrared thermography is a technique for obtaining a thermal image of a scene by analyzing the infrared. The image obtained is called a “thermogram”.

How it works ?

The simple thermal visualization, but without temperature measurement, is carried out by means of a thermal imager. Remote temperature measurement is carried out using the following devices:

Why do a thermography?

This technology is the highlighting of failures of electrical devices.

This preventive maintenance aims to control electrical equipment such as; circuit breaker, contactor, relay, disconnector; in order to detect possible problems of wear, overload, phase imbalance, poor tightening, poor crimping, oxidation. The essential interest is to prevent fires of electrical origin.

Badly tightened lugs, overloaded organs, are immediately visualized with thermography. It is also possible to highlight circuits in which the absence of current reveals a fault.

As the inspection must take place on an installation in normal operating condition, this does not cause any production stoppage. In addition, as a remote measurement, thermography overcomes the constraints linked to respecting safety distances.

Will I have a report?

Absolutely ! At each thermography we clean all the diagnoses of our thermograph electrician (accredited level I) in order to give you a clear and complete report of all your electrical products in your building that have had a thermography. In addition to the report, we put all the photos taken by our electrician to support each inspection.

In addition, we can offer you the inspection service of electrical equipment according to the standards of the electrical codes and health.